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blog post in No Food for Thought Autostarting Klipper on KDE Plasma 5 If you've upgraded to Plasma 5, you'll want to: First get rid of the broken new default clipboard manager which is very similar to Klipper. Sorry, I forgot how I managed that, but it's possible. S
blog post in No Food for Thought Debian KDE - A natural choice? {QUOTE(replyto="Testing migration summary 2015-10-22")}[...] caribou 0.4.19-1 celery 3.1.18
blog post in No Food for Thought The Epik of Konqi's Krazy Army "KDE" originally stood for "Kool Desktop Environment". But a software project is more than its products. It's also its community of users and developers. This story is about a Windows user who beca
blog post in No Food for Thought The Hacktivist's ABCD (Art of Boringly Calm Discussion) This week I witnessed an exchange on KDE's community mailing list . Someone made a reasonable request, quite decently formulated. Someo

Fully Free

Kune ni povos is seriously freethough not completely humor-free :

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