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blog post in No Food for Thought Car thieves are bad, but much wiser than car makers Thieves have a new way to steal cars. A method for clean thefts, served on a silver platter by car manufacturers who sell cars equipped with key fobs instead of traditional keys, [https://www.cbc.ca/n
blog post in No Food for Thought Heartbleed no more - EU-FOSSA budget doubled In early 2016, [http://philippecloutier.com/blogpost37-Issues-using-GNU-Linux-as-a-desktop-PC|I expressed some satisfaction and a touch of pride regarding the multi-million USD ''Core Infrastructure I
blog post in No Food for Thought Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock Review I bought this U-lock last year to upgrade from a flexible cable lock. I expected the lock would be heavier, but I didn't expect s

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