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blog post in No Food for Thought "Pilot Error" {LANG(notlang="fr")}The crash of Lion Air Flight 610 and the resulting 189 deaths raised quite a few questions. Understandably, a lot of suspicion w
blog post in No Food for Thought AV1: A Victory for Open Video Rejoice. One major component of modernity - video - can now be compressed using a stable, specified and fully open royalty-free video codec, with [https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2018/07/11/royalty-free
blog post in No Food for Thought Book Unions Microsoft's electronic book business wasn't profitable enough. So Microsoft is closing its DRM servers : {QUOTE()}The books will stop working.{QUOT
blog post in No Food for Thought EasyPHP review - not so easy to choose over XAMPP In recent years, I ranted about 2 of the main options for installing a development AMP (Apache, PHP) stack (including Xdebug) on Windows, namely XAMPP and [http
blog post in No Food for Thought EU-FOSSA 2 ends The European Union's second FOSSA project has ended with incredible results. EU-FOSSA undoubtedly made free software w
blog post in No Food for Thought Fausse alerte, Google n'a pas fumé de joint J'ai pris connaissance de l'étude High intelligence: A risk factor for psychological and physiological overexcitabilities . Mal
blog post in No Food for Thought FHoS - Igor Escobar and the jQuery Mask Plugin Designing Web forms can still be a pain today. I thought HTML version 5 and its tel type input field could replace the complicated triple text fi
blog post in No Food for Thought Issues using GNU/Linux as a "desktop" (PC) I hit numerous issues when I moved my desktop from Microsoft Windows to GNU/Linux. When this started to feel like too many, I remember starting a document listing the main issues. Eventually, I hit ma
blog post in No Food for Thought Leaving the PHP Framework Interoperability Group Last December, I struggled with documentation tags while using Eclipse with a private PHP project. I eventually realized Eclipse wasn't necessarily the one to blame. [https://github.com/php-fig/fig-st
blog post in No Food for Thought ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer on Debian 8 ManageEngine's NetFlow Analyzer is probably the best NetFlow analysis software. It supports GNU/Linux and is even free for a maximum of 2 network interfaces. NetFlow Analyzer 12.1 can be installed
blog post in No Food for Thought No More Tofu, Thank You I don't remember having seen "tofu" on my personal computer for a while. That's probably thanks to [https://opensource.googleblog.com/2016/10/an-open-source-font-system-for-everyone.html|the Noto font
blog post in No Food for Thought Open Source Security Foundation A couple of months ago, when writing about the end of EU-FOSSA 2 , I criticized its reactionary nature. Just like [http://www.philippeclout
blog post in No Food for Thought Pour boire, manger... et toute autre ingestion Ma mère est d'une générosité extraordinaire, c'est bien connu. À preuve, suffit de rappeler le cadeau à l'humanité qu'elle fit en lui donnant son fils. Mais en regardant sa facture le lendem
blog post in No Food for Thought Preventing Corporate Success Lack of supply is a problem Western states take very seriously. A lot more than the weight of excessive regulation. So when a market is lacking suppliers and failing to satisfy consumer expectation
blog post in No Food for Thought SQL Anywhere and Interactive SQL quietly losing transactions in default configurations SAP SQL Anywhere and its GUI Sybase Central (now SQL Central) have been part of my 5 most important tools for 4 years now. A few times, I noticed some oddities, but it wasn't until yesterday that I re
blog post in No Food for Thought The Costs of Insecurity, The Costs of Fragmentation A 1 million $ theft is the latest reminder of how easy social engineering remains, even
blog post in No Food for Thought The Epik of Konqi's Krazy Army I recommend this read to those interested in KDE, invested in free desktop environments, passionate about free software development, or who just wish to know more about and better understand my path.
blog post in No Food for Thought The European Union's Interference Equation: Inaction + competition = over-reaction In 1996, yearly worldwide PC sales went beyond 70 million units. It was obvious that personal computers would become ubiquitous and that the world would crucially need operating systems and commodity
blog post in No Food for Thought The Invented Here Syndrome A serious form of analysis paralysis may threaten you - the "Invented here syndrome" .
blog post in No Food for Thought Thunderbird "Authentication failure" popup trying to setup a Gmail account on a new OS install? Are you migrating to a new operating system (Windows, or quite possibly any) and failing to setup your Gmail account in Thunderbird (version 68.1.2, and surely many more)? Getting a small popup which
blog post in No Food for Thought Twitter's Bootstrap shall now bootstrap itself Last Summer, as I was working on the Tiki project, which uses Twitter's Bootstrap framework a lot, I realized that Bootstrap is quite hard to discover organically and I decided to bite the bullet and

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