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blog post in No Food for Thought dig(1) and other DNS clients sometimes taking 5 seconds to return the results of a local query After installing a few Debian VMs inside our Windows environment, I noticed very strange performance problems resolving local domain names on local DNS servers this week. Simple queries which should h
blog post in No Food for Thought EasyPHP review - not so easy to choose over XAMPP In recent years, I ranted about 2 of the main options for installing a development AMP (Apache, PHP) stack (including Xdebug) on Windows, namely XAMPP and [http
blog post in No Food for Thought Microsoft - Left-handedness is evil (but less so if your hand is holding a Microsoft mouse) ''Today appears to be my Microsoft rant day. Sorry, that might have been prompted by an awful experience claiming the warranty for a broken Microsoft keyboard. Readers who are free of Microsoft produc
blog post in No Food for Thought WampServer? Wait! Short version Do not use WampServer. Long version The first time I installed an AMP on Windows, I chose EasyPHP. When I came back to PHP development on Windows, around 2013, I chose WampServer.
blog post in No Food for Thought Windows Firewall dangers - Is your Windows [8] PC's networking broken after you joined a domain? I hate firewalls. One of the first things I do on any personal Windows I install since Vista is to disable Windows Firewall. Usually, that's all it takes... plus disabling the maintenance center's fir
blog post in No Food for Thought Windows Firewall: a threat waiting for any occasion to strike Just 4 days after writing [http://www.philippecloutier.com/blogpost26-Windows-Firewall-dangers-Is-your-Windows-8-PC-s-networking-broken-after-you-joined-a-domain|~np~Windows Firewall dangers - Is your