Software in the Public Interest Issue Tracking System - Unofficial

SPI has no general-purpose issue tracker as of 2018-03-10. In the meantime, this wiki page serves as an unofficial and fully manual general-purpose tracker. The official issue tracker is also available for specific purposes.

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  1. Allow public access to membership statistics, reported 2017-07-31
  2. Allow contributions to website from browser, reported 2016-08-14
  3. Please clarify ways to contact Board of Directors, reported 2016-08-27
  4. Make membership (more) public, reported 2016-09-10
  5. Please explain the topic of each mailing list, reported 2016-10-01
  6. Publish contributions to associated projects, reported 2017-10-08
  7. Website does not show staff, reported 2017-10-22

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