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Germany and Canada: A sharp contrast in what democracy can be

admin Monday October 25, 2021

If your tracking of Canadian politics focuses on the Parliament's composition, you might not have noticed anything particular in September. If you also pay attention to the budget though, you may have realized we're now 600 million CAD deeper in the red. Yes, Canada had a superfluous federal election last month, which concluded with a surreal gem in Trudeau's speech:

Je vous ai entendus. Ça ne vous tente plus qu'on parle de politique ou d'élections, vous voulez qu'on se concentre sur le travail qu'on a à faire pour vous.

It may break our heart to think most votes in this election were cast "for" parties which have no plan to fix Canada's governance. But rather than accepting cynicism, we can choose hope by looking at a very similar election, in a country which simply uses a much less disproportional system.

Comprendre l'Afghanistan

admin Wednesday October 6, 2021

L'Afghanistan passe incontestablement à travers une période désastreuse. Il n'est pas facile de voir du positif dans ce gaspillage monumental.

Sans diminuer le cauchemar vécu par les Afghans, au moins, un remarquable reportage de Fabrice de Pierrebourg publié dans L'Actualité permet aux francophones de mettre un baume sur la plaie en nous donnant l'impression de comprendre, en quelques pages seulement.

En espérant qu'on se souvienne

What happens when an alternative currency becomes legal tender?

admin Sunday September 26, 2021

Some people think of "alternative currencies" as wonderful solutions to economic problems. But obviously, no currency can have any significant impact without becoming legal tender.

So what would happen if a country actually adopted an "alternative currency" as legal tender? Well, unless you're in El Salvador, you're in luck: it's already been tried.


admin Sunday September 12, 2021

Nombre de femmes jeunes (moins de 36 ans) que je connais qui font du développement logiciel et sont nées...

  • au Maghreb : Au moins 4
  • au Canada : Zéro

Certes, le Maghreb est bien plus populeux que le Canada. Certes, le Québec a une grande diaspora maghrébine. Mais des conclusions semblent quand même s'imposer. Soit :

  • le Canada vieillit dangereusement
  • ou il n'a plus tant de leçons à donner en matière d'égalité des sexes!

Ballade de rien

admin Monday September 6, 2021

Depuis mon adolescence, j'ai de la difficulté à trouver de l'inspiration quand vient le temps de suggérer des cadeaux. Mais après un éclair de génie, une demande inépuisable s'est ajoutée à ma liste de cadeaux :

Maximiser nos chances d'être ensemble longtemps et en bonne conscience écologique! (Mais pas nécessaire de l'acheter)

Cette suggestion s'est avérée la plus pérenne de toutes. Malgré sa proéminence, elle figure d'ailleurs toujours dans ma liste, depuis au moins 10 ans. Avec tout ce temps, elle a quand même évolué. À l'origine, elle était formulée de manière plus simple :


Cette année encore, cette option n'a pas été aussi populaire que je l'aurais voulu pour quelques récidivistes de ma famille. Mais encore une fois pour mes 36 ans, je peux remercier tous mes amis d'avoir respecté ma suggestion favorite une fois de plus.

En fait, j'ai bien fait de reformuler la suggestion, car c'est bien plus que rien que plusieurs m'ont offert. Et cette année encore, ce n'est nul autre que le chef d'un parti fédéral bien proche de la nature qui m'a offert mon exemplaire le plus apprécié. Une déclinaison de ma suggestion tout aussi naturelle : une sortie au parc. Peut-être une ballade de rien, mais une opportunité qui m'a offert ma plus grande découverte culturelle de ma journée−et de loin.

Merci Alex, merci Xav. Merci Gustave, Frida, Céline, Léonie, Éliane et Arnaud. Merci, Aurélie, de m'avoir fait découvrir les vertus de ta culture, même si ce n'était pas intentionnel.
Et surtout, pour toutes les fois où il m'a prouvé que l'amitié peut durer malgré la distance et bien des années, merci au prochain Premier Ministre du Canada.

Superfluous election, necessary opportunity

admin Sunday September 5, 2021

In 2015, 39% of Canadian voters gave their vote to the Liberal Party of Canada. 4 years later, that support had dropped to 33%. Less than what the PCC obtained, but still enough to form a government. One unfortunately unsatisfied with that pale result and the resulting minority of seats.

One could think these most qualified supports would have ensured the winner would respect its supporters. Yet...

What the liberals promised in 2015:

What the liberals delivered, 6 years later:

  • A record deficit now in the hundreds of billions of dollars
  • As if that wasn't enough, a superfluous election. Using good ol' FPTP, the very same system which gave them their false 2015 majority, hoping it will do the trick, once more

Following such an unqualified failure, even 33% now seems like a most generous grade.

The PLC may have called a superfluous election. But let's try putting cynicism aside and not wasting that opportunity to further adjust the grade it's now deserved. And hopefully adjust that of the several parties which still promise to deal with cynicism. Fair Vote Canada documents the stance of the main parties about electoral reform.

It's Always Time for Payback

admin Wednesday September 1, 2021

How much have the United States evolved in terms of politics over the last couple decades? A couple of quotes might clarify.

Make no mistake; the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts.

George W. Bush, 2001-09-11

We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.

Joe Biden Jr., 2021-08-26

Here's hoping the second payback doesn't add too much to the couple trillion € and the couple hundreds of thousands of casualties from the first Afghan payback.

Individual action

admin Sunday August 22, 2021

A lot of what we hear about environmental damage mitigation is about individual action. Don't eat endangered fish. As for the climate crisis, Don't eat beef, Don't eat meat, Don't throw paper in the trash, and some more difficult changes, like Don't use gasoline cars.

Much has already been said about the limits of that approach. Merely 20 firms are behind a third of all carbon emissions. The wealthiest 10% are responsible for half of all emissions. But suppose you're part of that 10%; should you feel guilty and become vegan?

Veganism is not a bad thing. My own carbon footprint is massively inferior to that of the average person of my wealth, in good part because I don't eat nearly as much red meat as those around me. But I still eat meat or fish every week.

Bicycles are not a bad thing. I lost track of how many bikes I purchased. But on occasion I still drive cars which are still mostly gasoline-powered.

Is veganism optimal? I don't know, but I will not become vegan unless society changes and makes it much cheaper for me and everyone to be. I also won't coin a term for someone who refuses to use a gasoline-powered car. Perhaps my cycling background gives me too much balance.

Individual action matters. If the most concerned of us do our very best, we can have an impact. But the greatest impact will come from tackling the greatest issues. Even if the poorest 90% cut 90% of its emissions, we'd still be in trouble. And it's not just about the richest. The responsibility is distributed most unevenly, with 73% of power plant emissions coming from just the worst 5%.

Realistic solutions need to be structured. The climate crisis needs overcoming individualism and implementing Polluter pays. In general, salvation from environmental disasters will come by pricing negative externalities.

The David Suzuki Foundation gives balanced advice on doing our part. Don't burn yourself out by focusing on just one aspect. And if voting is not impactful or visible enough for you, you can become a candidate for a party you'd like to see in your riding, or help founding a greener party.

Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Elections 2021

admin Saturday August 21, 2021

WMF Board Vote 2021 I voted in the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Elections 2021. I had interacted with no candidate and only knew 1 candidate, so although I ranked all 19 candidates, the full ranking below is a quick evaluation almost entirely based on reading the fairly short platforms. I mostly focused on candidate objectives, and favored those who prioritize governance reform and having MediaWiki scale to Wikimedia's ambitions. The only spots which I'm confident about are #1, #2 and #19. I supported:

  • Dariusz Jemielniak. He may seem like a vote for status quo as he has been on the board since 2015, but in fact, Jemielniak has huge knowledge of Wikimedia, including some of its gravest flaws. I admire his work on transparency, his past stance against bureaucracy, and I appreciate that he values governance.
  • Adam Wight. Despite his attempt to unionize the WMF, I believe Wight is a promising candidate, with his belief in direct democracy. He understands the importance of decision-making.

I didn't see any threatening candidate, but #19 was clearly less involved/interesting than the rest. Had "NOTA" been an option, it would have been at #19 or even last. I am pleased to see the candidates, who have lots of experience and reasonable diversity (at least ethnicity-wise; less so in terms of age and gender). And I am also pleased to read their presentations; while I criticized these in 2015, there is much more about intentions this year, putting less emphasis on experience.

As in the last elections, I hit an important issue voting - the same one as in 2017. I reported it again, but this time also added a warning to voters. Here's hoping the new board will value technical development, so the next board elections (and hopefully many more) can be reasonably user-friendly.

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