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blog post in No Food for Thought "Cryptocurrency": the pseudo-currency which no one understood or accepted, but which many bought ×  Dated This article was written when "cryptocurrency" hype was peaking. While the situation changed, its conclusions remain relevant. On the cover o
blog post in No Food for Thought Bitcoin is Not Going To Zero, and more on blockchains When a decade of geek madness about "cryptocurrencies" culminated in May, I wrote [http://www.philippecloutier.com/blogpost83--Cryptocurrency-the-pseudo-currency-which-no-one-understood-or-accepted-bu
blog post in No Food for Thought Green or Grey: Subsidies for Cryptocurrencies? For as long as I have been adult, I have been part of a kind which was not common, at least at the time: an ecologist opposed to subsidies for green technologies. I have always believed in the ((wp:po
blog post in No Food for Thought The European Union's Interference Equation: Inaction + competition = over-reaction In 1996, yearly worldwide PC sales went beyond 70 million units. It was obvious that personal computers would become ubiquitous and that the World would crucially need operating systems and commodity